My name is Bobby Bradley and among other things I work as a Lighting Designer, Production Manager and Photographer.  After living three years in the southern African country of Namibia I am currently based out of Brevard, North Carolina. 

Having grown up in Texas, living 8 years in the New York City area and traveling thousands of miles every year for work and pleasure I have grown an affinity for photographing new places I have never been before.  I now find myself in Western North Carolina and consider myself extremely lucky to call such an amazingly beautiful area home for the time being.

I am a self taught photographer with a background in theatrical and visual design which influences at least some of my imagery.  I love to explore new and different techniques to create images that push the envelope technically, but only to enhance the image and not to glorify the technology.  Creating images I can be proud of myself is what I love to do, however, sharing images of places unseen by others is my passion.

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