My name is Bobby Bradley.  If I have to boil down what I "do" it'd be three things: Visual Design for Live Entertainment, Outdoor Photography of places and things, and traveling.  Over the last 15 years or so I've managed to combine all three things into some sort of career which I am deeply grateful for.

Over the years I have worked on a variety of passion projects, commercial ventures, and non-profit work, but have been able to fine tune my focus on the passion of creating visual art.  The way I accomplish that takes on two very distinct forms which both happen to be a form a story telling. The first is, I love to tell the story of new places and locations through photography of the natural world, cities, and new places.  Secondly, I have a deep passion for collaborative story telling with live entertainment and theater professionals through the mediums of lighting, projection, and scenic design.

I now find myself in Western North Carolina (Brevard, NC) and consider myself extremely lucky to call such an amazingly beautiful forest community home.  Prior to living in NC I spent about 3 years living in Namibia on a farm volunteering for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and prior to that spent about 8 years in New York City working as a Lighting and Scenic Designer for Theatre, Television, Fashion, and the live event industry.

My formal education is in Theatrical Design (BFA - Baylor University), however, I have spent many years working along side and being mentored by some really amazing professionals from the whole spectrum of visual design.  Additionally, I am a Lighting Design member of the United Scenic Artists 829 (USA829). 

Photography is one of the mediums that has become a passion of mine not just a tool, but also as a medium for story telling.  While Photography initially for me was a very technical process I've found over the last bunch of years (and lots of mediocre imagery) that you have to embrace the technology advancements only up to the point that it adds to the creative vision. It's easy to get sucked into the rabbit hole of photo tech and as such you won't really find me talk about tech too much on this site as there are countless other sites dedicated to that exact thing.

All that said, I hope you enjoy the imagery and for more images also check out my Galleries as well for even more photos.


LICENSING and Prints

A limited number of Fine Art Prints are available on the Fine Art Prints page of the website.

I also maintain a small catalogue of royalty free imagery available for direct download from my Royalty-Free Library

All images are available for licensing or commercial use.  For licensing inquires please shoot me an email.



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