Underwhelming Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque I set out with a mission to capture some first hand glimpse of the controversy surrounding the infamous Mosque that's planned to build near the WTC site, but in the end was a little disappointing.  Originally I was planning on going out on 9/11 to take some photos but I convinced myself that I should just stay away from the whole area that day so I went on 9/14.  When I arrived on the subway and looked around to get my bearings I fully expected to spot the building by a surely large crowd that would be protesting or counter protesting.  Looking left and right I saw no crowds of people on Park Place just a line at the corner coffee cart and business folks going from place to place.

When I stumbled upon the rundown Burlington Coat Factory I figured this was it when I spotted a singe Officer leaning on some bike rail placed in front of the building.  Looking around a bit I was shocked to find only a couple other tourist types snapping a couple photos paying attention to the building and a couple odd looking folks being informally interviewed in front of the building next door.  To my surprise all the foot traffic around the building was just like any other block in Lower Manhattan...people minding their own business and getting from A to B.

Again feeling underwhelmed I snapped a few pics without even drudging out the Tripod and went on my way.  In the end the experience kind of summed of my feelings on the issue; whether there is an Islamic Community Center or a Burlington Coat Factory New Yorkers have more important things to worry about than blocking someone's freedom of religion in this country.  And if the rest of the country doesn't have anything better to do then maybe they should move to NYC and try to get my for a little bit...


  • 3 Exposure HDR -2, 0, +2
  • Photomatix Tonemapping
  • Photoshop Masking
  • Topaz final pop