Happy Labor Day

Rolls Royce

In the spirit of Labor Day here we have a lovely uber-luxury car that I happened upon over the weekend...If only we could all have one of these to tour around in on our national holidays.

Shot this Rolls Royce that was waiting to pick up a Bride and Groom in Liberty State Park the other evening. I didn't feel like being a nuisance and dragging out the tripod right in front of the car with the drivers standing right nearby so I quickly grabbed 3 exposures hand held and amazingly was able to align them with little effort.

I think I'm going to process a few more in Monochrome as this one turned out pretty nice.


  • 3 exposures -2, 0, +2
  • Photomatix
  • Photoshop masking, blending, noise, sharpening, crop and Sepia