Saturn 5

Saturn 5 HDR If you travel to the Space Center I recommend attending at the end of day on a Sunday to get some tripod work in.  My mom and I and traveled over to get some shots about and hour before closing at the Space Center on a Sunday afternoon last month and to our surprise/pleasure there were almost no other visitors.  No people to get in your shot or compete with to get the right angle on the tripod makes for a nice shooting time.  I tried to get as many high quality RAW shots to play with the files later and this is the result of what I was going for...a little drama in space!


  • Nikon D90, f/8.0, 1/5, ISO 100
  • 3 Exposure HDR -2, 0, +2
  • Photomatix Tonemapping
  • Photoshop Masking, noise reduction and sharpening
  • Topaz adjust/masking for final Pop