Best Breakfast in NYC

Located just across the street form Grand Central Terminal this little Diner is quite the staple in Midtown East.  Everything from the position under the bridge to the old bulb lights illuminating Perishing Square sign this place has old world character.

I stopped after work to get this image while trying out the Promote Control I got for Christmas.  Being able to take a bunch of bracketed images is very attractive especially in harsh lighting environments so the Promote Control seems like a winner in that it enables advanced functionality to my D90.  This image may not have been the best to test with because this sidewalk was very busy and in the end had to do a fair amount of masking.

My only gripe with the Promote Control and the D90 is that its just a little "slow."  It seems that there is a latency issue when the D90 is controlled by USB (not Promote's problem).  I hope that Promote makes the D90 Shutter cable again soon which should speed the image sequences up.

Also, on this image I used Photomatix for the first time.  I'm very impressed with 2 things: 1) Speed and 2) ghosting removal.  I'll have to play with some more to test out some more features.


  • Nikon D90, 11mm, f/7.1,  ISO 320
  • 7 Exposure HDR -3 to +3
  • Photomatix Tonemapping
  • Photoshop Masking, adjustments
  • Topaz Adjust