The Store

A day trip out to Spruce Hill, PA (good luck finding it on the map) yielded some interesting discoveries including finding the ol' Barton General Store.  This Store has stood for over a century and definitely gone through some changes and modifications from the old horse drawn buggy photo we have in our family archives.  We meandered around town for only a little while before finding an old fellow named Barney who we only happened upon when we stopped to get a burger as his restaurant Barney Mac's.  Barney and my Mom hit it off and before we knew it Barney was leaving the restaurant and asking us to stay put for a little bit as he went to retrieve some old photos from his house.  As we sat on a bench outside the store Barney returned some old photos of the store as well as some other Barton heritage that he had collected over the years.  After looking through some of the artifacts and eating a pretty darn good burger Barney told us some more info about how to find our way over to the store which is no longer open but still standing pretty well.  I'm not sure how easy it would it have been to find the store had we not run into good ole Barney Mac!

For this photo I tool up a position right in the middle of the road and used a 10 stop ND filter to capture a nice long exposure.  There wasn't too much traffic out there but more that one would suspect being literally in the middle of nowhere.