The Israeli Hills

I'll start with that I'm not sure exactly where we were when I took this photo other than we were about an hour or so from Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee (where we were staying).  I was on tour with ZviDance and our Choreographer (Zvi) had us meet up with his sister to tour around his Kibbutz where he grew up.  After we toured around the Kibbutz and had a nice lunch with all the locals we were driver to a natural springs and then on this scenic drive along the Northern part of the Israeli Valley. Needless to say the views were spectacular and as we were relaxing and taking photos some of the dancers just started leaning into the wind to cool off from the relentless sun.   I leaned over to Alison and asked her to do it again for the camera and without hesitation she was modeling for the camera.  Despite not having a tripod I fired off about 4 sets of photos and used Photomatix to handle the ghosting since the wind was up around 25mph...without a tripod!