Temple of the Holy Sepulcher

The Temple of the Holy Sepulcher is a pretty amazing place.  If you haven't heard of it it's definitely worth at least Google-ing real quick.  Basically this is the temple erected at the spot where Jesus was to have been buried and arose.  The interesting thing is the the temple is really divided between the Roman Catholics, Armenians and Greek Orthodox in terms of control so each area features different monks, fathers or other holy personnel to mind the space.  You wouldn't really know it when you first walk in but this building has been under this strange control for centuries.

This particular shot was upstairs when you first enter through the main corridor (I believe that it was Greek Orthodox area but I'm not really sure).  I found a nice bench to sit on and prop up my Gorillipod to fire a few long exposures (the large tripod didn't seem appropriate in the religious areas).

Definitely click on the photo and in SmugMug click original size to zoom in on the mosaic ceilings...they are pretty impressive.