Top of the Rock Part Duex

Top of the Rock Part Duex I posted up another Top of the Rock Photo a couple months ago right after my mom and I toured the area and after letting these lie for a little while took another pass with fresh eyes.  Hope you enjoy a different look and feel from almost the exact same perspective (it's a little different here and there).

Posted below is the original photo done back in June.  Which do you prefer?

Top of the Rock Part 1

Visited Top of the Rock with my Mom when she was in town this month...we must have spent 2 hours or so wading through people (and  getting yelled at by security guards for using tripods) trying to get some good sunset shots.  We weren't able to spread out our tripod legs (Rockefeller Center Rules) although we could use our tripods as monopods making long exposures extremely difficult.  At any rate I think we got some good shots and got to enjoy the great views.