Cape Town - From 1000m

Cape Town - 1000m upHigh above Cape Town on Table Mountain I was able to get this shot only after a certain few circumstances blessed us (or cursed us depending on how you look at it).  The trip up Table Mountain by hiking is about 2-3 hours of moderate to strenuous hiking so after being shot done by Stephanie to hike it we opted for the Cable Car which shoots you up about 2000ft in 10 minutes.  Earlier in the day we had decided to do the trip up Table Mountain later in the afternoon as the cloud cover was really bad causing exactly zero visibility up top (which is why you go up!).  On this trip the visibility was much better from the get go but once we got up the clouds rolled in after about only an hour so it was really tough to get any shots let alone hike around because of the wind and less than 50ft visibility.  Needless to say we started back for the cable car which as luck would have it was not operating because of some mechanical problem.  No problem we will be up soon.

That was at 6pm.  Three hours later we were still huddling in the shop up top with 400 of our closest friends and still no cable car.  However, this was when it got interesting...the clouds finally decided to break right at about sunset and we were treated with nothing short of an amazing sunset looking over Cape Town through the cloud cover.  Everything was so visually stunning that it was to challenging to capture in camera so I went out and waiting until the clouds broke more and the sun went down to capture the city.  I definitely would not have had a chance to capture this amazing city in this light at this time of day if we hadn't gotten stuck so it really was an incredible situation.  We finally got down at about 11:30pm..if only we didn't have a 45 minute drive back to the Inn...


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 25sec exposure | Lightroom