Blue Hour

More often than not I feel like my best shots come from just planning to be in the right place at the right time.  In fact I find that most of my rules for photography these days involve only a few steps to get  the right shot:

  • Pack only the gear you can carry on your back
  • Go somewhere beautiful
  • Explore and shoot until you fall over

  Following these rules when out shooting usually results in hundreds or thousands of pictures in a day, but usually there will be that one shot which you can hang on a wall.

Sunset over the East River

This shot was taken on a rooftop in Williamsburg just after sunset.  I found myself on this rooftop sort of by accident, but once I was up there I made the most of it since the view was pretty decent.  This is an HDR Panorama consisting of 3 bracket sets of 3 images each.  The processing of these HDR Panoramas always takes a bit longer than I like but the end result is always a lot of fun.  This Panorama is 10000 x 6000 pixels so it will make a nice large print one day.


Nikon D7100 | Tokina 11-16mm | Photomatix | Photoshop