Air and Space Heavens

Exterior Air and Space Museum It's been a few weeks since traveling to the Air and Space Museum in DC but I've finally gotten around to processing some photos.  I'll start the flow with this shot from the exterior which was the only spot where I was allowed to use a tripod.  I understand the need to keep the aisles clear in the museum from tripods everywhere but it would really make it easier for processing all these wonderful HDR shots I got!  Even Trey Ratcliff was not allowed to use a tripod inside...must be strict!

Sometimes you get lucky

Stephanie and I saw a great sunset on the mall after Jon Stewart's rally last Fall.  I literally just tweaked the color temp a little in Lightroom and this photo was good to go.  No photo merged HDR, no Photoshop...no nothing.  Reminds you again the importance of good lighting...even when it is natural.


  • Nikon D90 ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/4s
  • Lightroom