RestRest Going back to the archives with this photo.  This Sea Turtle was getting some rest on the beach in Turtle Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.


Nikon D90 | Tokina 11-16mm | Lightroom

Falling Away

Falling Away This is from the beaches of Honolulu in the Waikiki Area where you really do feel like your either in Miami or Las Vegas.  The Hotels and shops line the strip which ultimately is an amazing beach lined area for sun bathing between shopping and eating.  On this evening my mom and I went for a little photo walk and luckily the skies cooperated with us.


Nikon D90 | Tokina 11-16mm | Photomatix | Photoshop | Topaz

Beach Beetle

Beach Beetle Saw this lovely beetle in Hale'iwa on the trip to Hawaii last month.  Stephanie and I were on the north shore of Oahu for only one day and of course it was supremely overcast and rainy that which was a real shame b/c that side of the island is quite beautiful and with the right light there could be some great photo chance.  Either way though we enjoyed walking around the litte shops and eating the world famous shave ice at one of the stands.

I still have a couple more to process from Hawaii but I'm close to being done. The treatment on this one is a little departure from recent styles...not sure if I'll make it a theme but I think it looks pretty cool.


  • - 3 exposures -2/0/+2
  • - Photomatix
  • - Photoshop masking/effects/crop

Hot Coals in Waikiki

Hot Coals Only Another photo from Waikiki Beach near our hotel at sunset.  The silhouette of the trees worked very well to frame out this one!


  • 3 Images -2, 0, +2
  • Photomatix Tonemapping
  • Lots of Photoshop Masking and finishing
  • Topaz Adjust for that lovely “pop”

Surfin Seal on Waikiki Beach

Surfin Seal This statue (or beach water feature :) ) is located in Waikiki, Hawaii right on the beach. My mom and I took the evening to photo walk the beach as the sun set and this was one of the first frames I liked but the light was not quite right. When the sun was setting I ran back across the beach to catch this one right as the sun disappeared behind the mountains. I have a few more to process from our walk so keep an eye out!


  • 3 Images -2, 0, +2
  • Photomatix Tonemapping
  • Photoshop Masking and finishing
  • Topaz Adjust for that lovely "pop"