New Jersey

Skylands Manor

Skylands Manor Nestled up in North New Jersey is the New Jersey Botanical Garden which also is home to Skylands Manor.  The house is amazing from the outside I'm sure it is beautiful inside as well (although we didn't get to go in because a wedding was going on).  If I didn't mention that this was in Jersey (and for the American flag) I think you could easily mistake this for somewhere in the English countryside.


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 10 stop ND | Lightroom


Manor Who thought New Jersey could look so nice?  Actually, the state has some really beautiful spots once you get out out of the Jersey City/Newark area.  This spot is at a Botanical Gardens in North Jersey.  I used a 10 stop ND filter to get some nice texture in the water (despite it being bright daylight all around).


Nikon D7000 | Nikon 28-70mm | Lightroom

Shading the Sun

Shading the Sun Throughout all of the Botanical Gardens near Ringwood we found these amazing statues that all seemed to have similar emotions and poses that was an almost melancholy response to the sun.  I remember thinking that it's quite ironic for a garden statue to have this sort of emotional state when they are forever destined to being in the presence of the sun.


Nikon D7000 | Nikon 28-70mm | Lightroom

Clouds of the Eclipse

Eclipse Storm The epic solar eclipse was this past week and being on the East coast we didn't get to see any part of it.  However, on the way home from work late on Sunday night a storm was pushing in at about the same time as eclipse event was happening over the Pacific and the clouds were amazing!  I have never seen such a clear sky near NYC that also had amazingly fast moving clouds.  This shot is in our backyard looking West as the clouds sped away from us.


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | Lightroom

Space Shuttle Enterprise

Shuttle over the Hudson This morning the retired space shuttle Enterprise made it's final from from DC to NYC where it will rest on the USS Intrepid.  I was working from home this morning and only found about the flyby over the Hudson about 30minutes before it was supposed to happen.  Fortunately, there is a nice park with great views of Manhattan just down the street from our apartment and I was able to catch this shot.  It was a pretty cool experience seeing the 747 carrying the Shuttle at only about 2000-3000 feet or so as it did a lap up and down the Hudson.


Nikon D7000 | Nikon 28-70mm | Lightroom

Pickle the Owl

Screech Owl Portrait Had a photo shoot out at Turtle Back Zoo over Thanksgiving.  This little Owl is only about 8" tall but with a rented 100mm 2.8 macro lens we were able to get some great detail at full crop!

In processing I mostly used Lightroom and Topaz.

Under the Pulaski Skyway

Pulaski Skyway I don't recommend trudging down to the Hackensack River near Jersey City but if the near toxic pollutants in the river (from dumping upstream) don't bother you too much then the views of the Pulaski Skyway are pretty impressive.  Just don't decide to go for a swim :)

Summer Time

Summer time and of course we're spending time at or around the beaches.  Steph just looks so good in this photo I had to share to the world.  Nothing fancy here than a little Lightroom adjustments.  The best part of this photo is that you can see me in the reflection of her glasses.  Probably the only photo you'll see of me on this site...

At the Fair

Went down to the Jersey Shore this weekend and we couldn't leave until Steph rode a roller coaster.  I snapped a quick photo of her buying her tickets to commemorate the moment and then ran this one through Lightroom to get the effects.