South Africa


Break Shot high above Cape Town from Table Mountain.  I probably would not have been able to shoot this if not for the cable car breaking and causing us to be stuck on the mountain through the sunset. :)


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | Lightroom

New York Only 12,541 km

New York only 12,541 km The old lighthouse at Cape Point indicates how far major cities's kind of stunning to realize that we were almost 1/2 way between New York and Sydney.  The funny story about this lighthouse was that it was built at the highest point of Cape Point but the designers failed to realize that on most days the low clouds roll in over the hills and completely block the light from the sea below rendering the lighthouse totally useless.  A new lighthouse had to be built about 1500ft lower on the cliffs and this one sits only as a pretty building. :)


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Looking South

Looking South This shot is from the trip to Cape Town looking south towards Cape of Good Hope Reserve.  The winding road we took to drive down to the reserve afforded us some amazing views of the coast.


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | Lightroom | Topaz

Female Lion

We almost passed up this Lioness on a drive to Lower Sabie.  We had been driving for about 8hrs making our way from Satara to Lower Sabie in Kruger and were hoping to see some Lions along the way to no avail.  After we sort of resigned for the day we picked up speed on the road and just starting cruising to get to the next camp when out of nowhere Steph swung around in her seat and shouted LION!  I turned around and sure enough there was a Lioness just laying in the grass right next to the road.  We stopped and the Lioness decided to walk across and find some new shade allowing me to get a nice shot from the car.


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Ostrich Photo Bomb

I don't think that I can fully express my amazement at seeing an entire family of Ostriches while on fact when we were driving along one of the days in Kruger I distinctively remember stopping the car and asking my wife "is that a wild Ostrich?" and then proceeding to look around for something else to be out of place.  I guess after seeing all the other exotic animals I was a little dumbfounded to see this strange animal of on its own in the wild.  Turns out they are pretty common in the park and we even happened upon some on a beach in Cape Town later in the trip.  Who knew?!


Nikon D7000 | Nikon 70-200mm | Nikon 2x extender | Lightroom | Silver Efex Pro

Turn Away

This shot is another from Kruger Nation Park (near Lower Sabie).  Before we left on the trip I think my expectation at Kruger was to be able to go out and shoot sunsets/sunrises every day from all kinds of cool locations...unfortunately that wasn't the case.  It's interesting how being in a wild animal park that there are actually pretty strict rules about when you can and cannot be out about in the park.  In the Summer at Kruger the gates to the park were only open from 5:30am - 6:30pm which was exactly an hour after and before sun break...which was pretty inconvenient for a Low-Sun Chaser.

However, each camp we stayed at offered several types of morning/evening drives and at Lower Sabie we did a sunset drive which in my opinion is the best way to go.  We got to set out at 6pm and were out for 3 hours which allowed us to watch the sun die (which was amazing this evening BTW).  We also got to drive around for the last half of the drive in the dark with flashlights scanning for animals.  One of the most amazing parts of this drive in particular was when our guide stopped us in the pitch black under a full moon and turned off the engine allowing us to hear all the sounds of the park.  It's kind of something you have to experience yourself to understand how truly amazing this park is.


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Memory Lane

Memory Lane Today this image is brought to you from Lightroom 4!  Actually, I did all the editing of this image in Photomatix and Photoshop...but it's cataloged in Lightroom 4 and I just updated so hey why not say it's from there.  The flashy update to Lightroom 4 is mostly the GPS tagging features which I've totally exploited and tagged GPS coordinates to quite a number of my portfolio now.

This photo is a 3 bracket set taken in Kalk Bay in Cape Town which is one of several extremely cute towns that you can walk through many antique shops, bakeries and vintage shops.  I liked this walkway for obvious reasons but mostly the decaying checkerboard path.


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | Photomatix | Photoshop

Good Hope

This shot is yet another from the Cape of Good Hope National Park in Cape Town.  The Beaches aren't amazing for swimming but the views are stunning in every direction with mountains just shooting up thousands of feet above you and water all around.  We were fortunate to get down to the beach just about 30min before a small storm arrived so the clouds were amazing!

What was not captured in this frame was a Baboon galloping down the beach steal a family's cooler just after I shot this.  It's not every day that you see a Baboon galloping down a beach toward you just a like a dog!


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 10stop ND Filter | Lightroom

Hippo Triptych

This Hippo is a bit of a departure from my normal creative shots...but when you're on a boat in remote part of South Africa with a big lens and a Hippo demonstrating right in front of you - well you take advantage of it and pray you capture the moment.  This was a fun set to of photos to look through and put something interesting together.  I'll admit the whole animal photography shooting experience (for the better part of 2 weeks) was a little addicting.


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