Grand Canyon at Twilight


Another epic view from the lookout at Toroweap in the Grand Canyon National Park.  I had set up cameras just before sunset to capture stars throughout the night but this was one of the first images I had taken just as the sun had dropped down below the horizon.  

One of my favorite times of day to shoot is during civil twilight which is the period just after sunset for about 30 minutes or so, depending on the season, where the light still lights catches the landscape but is super soft and also allows for some more detail in the sky without being blown out.  To capture this low of light though I definitely had to work quickly while also doing long exposures to keep noise low.

On this night the light was really just perfect even in the canyon itself which at about 3000ft down from me and can become a black hole during the early and later part of the day.  There is also just something about the color tones present in the desert that I just can't get over.  All the subtle reds, browns and spots of color from water, the sky and vegetation are just so beautiful!