Grand Canyon Night Sky


After driving about 2000 miles from North Carolina over a bunch of days, a blown out tire and a couple nights of waiting for clouds to disperse I finally had a clear night without any light pollution to shoot some stars...and boy was it a treat to shoot out at Toroweap on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon!

This night in particular I was able to shoot all night on the rim about 3000ft above the Colorado River without a soul or a city in sight.  The tree featured in this shot I must have shot from about 10 different was just so perfect!  This image was made up from about 350 images taken at 30s intervals and one images taken around twilights before all light on the foreground disappeared.

From this one night I took so many images I used up almost all my batteries and cards and hardly got any sleep before having to drive out the next morning, but man was it a spectacular spot!  If you have a 4x4 and fully sufficient for a few days definitely check out Tuweep/Toroweap in the Grand Canyon National Park.  Just be sure to grab a permit well in advance as there is no facilities at the campsite and advance reservations are required for overnight stays.  Tuweep info can be found here