Alone Last of the shots from Pace Bend Park.  I'll call this shot a happy accident while playing with lighting and shooting the final pose as we raced against the setting sun.  Sometimes you don't need to plan out everything perfectly...just keep playing and shooting!




Nikon D7000 | 11-16mm | Lightroom | Topaz Adjust

Merry Vespa

Merry Vespa I shot this on a photo walk with the family at Austin's 37th St. "Christmas Lights".  I had my D7000 in tow and my Mom had her D300 while my Brother Shannon and wife Nikki had D5000 and D3100 respectively (its disgusting how much Nikon was in tow).  My wife Stephanie, meanwhile, found herself in the middle of a meandering photowalk and was a good sport to hold a lens once in a while.


It was a pretty decent turnout this year in terms of lights but down from years past from what I've heard.  This Vespa was brightly decorated and the owners were hanging out in the front yard to the right which is pretty typical of the other houses on 37th st.




Nikon D7000 | 11-16mm | 3 shots @ -2, 0, +2 | Photomatix, Photoshop, Lightroom

Texas Portraits

I'm not a portrait photographer (or accustomed to photographing people) but Steph and I have had some ideas of shoots we want to do so here is our first installment.  Steph wanted to wear her wedding dress again and we wanted a truly Texas location to shoot so we went out to Pace Bend Park (used to be called Paleface which I guess isn't PC anymore).  This being Texas it was a nice 65deg F on a December afternoon.  I'll post up a couple more shots in the coming days.




Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16 | Lightroom | Photoshop