Botswana Driving Video

A self driving safari in Africa involves a lot of driving.  On our trip to Botswana driving between parks, campsites and actual safaris we racked up something like 3000km over 14 days.  Eli and I both had GoPros with suction cup mounts so we filmed as much of the exciting stuff as we could while in Moremi Game Reserve and Nxai Pans.  I think we ended up with something like 60-70GB of footage and that was all compressed video footage!

The really fun things to video was the 4x4 technical driving which Eli did the most of since I had little 4x4 experience (by the end of the trip though I think I got the hang of it).  Most of our footage was driving through countless water crossings and mud holes but we also got some really nice footage just cruising through some really epic scenery and a few animal sightings.  Enjoy!