South Africa

You may not pass

  At Boulders Beach in Cape Town there is a colony of about 3000 African Penguins that live there and amazingly enough you can buy a ticket to the beach and go right down on the beach and hang out with the penguins!   Towards the end of our afternoon on the beach Steph and I went exploring a little bit to get some photos of the penguins just before they turned in for the evening. This little guy was positioned right under 2 large boulders which led to the other side of the beach and just had a posture like "you may not pass." I creeped in a little bit and laid down to get a couple shots of him hoping that he would move on in a little bit but he just stood there guarding the other side of the beach so crawled out from the boulders and went on our way.   Processing:   Nikon D7000 | Nikon 50mm | Lightroom

Hout Bay Panarama

Hout Bay Cape Town is endlessly amazing!  This shot is brought to you by way of Chapman's Road along the Southwestern side of the city which was an amazing drive (for cars and bicyclists).  Because it was such a cloudy day and the sun was high already I used a 10 stop ND filter along with a high f-stop to glass over the water and get some movement in the clouds.   Additionally, this is a 3 shot panorama (which I rarely do b/c I'm rarely in such and epic location) so the file is nice and big!  Be sure to click and view at 100% for some nice details across the bay...there is a nice beach way back there!   Processing:   Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16 | 3 shot panorama | Photoshop | Topaz Adjust


Classics A nice collection of classic cameras on display at the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Cape Town.  One of the owners mentioned the he had owned some camera shops in the past so he must have accumulated all these great pieces over many years.  Processing this image in Black and White just made since with all the old cameras in frame.

Click the image to view at full screen for all the great details.


Nikon D7000 | Tokina 11-16mm | 3 exposures | Photomatix | Lightroom | Silver Efex

Cape Point

Danger Point Perhaps it's hard to tell the scale but I think that we were up about 100m or so...maybe I'm exaggerating, but It seemed quite high.  The Cape Point Lighthouse is just above us to the left in the photo and the piece of land jutting out into the water is called Danger Point (no joke).  We thought about climbing out and following the trail right along the top of Danger Point but it was a bit windy and the heights were a bit much.


Nikon D7000 | 11-16mm | ND10 Filter