Spitzkoppe Star Circle

Spitzkoppe Star Circle.jpg
Spitzkoppe Star Circle.jpg

Spitzkoppe Star Circle

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One of my favorite locations to shoot, Spitzkoppe, Namibia.  This image was certainly one of the more interesting shoot experiences for me as I had to climb up the mountain and stay up until after midnight for the clouds to clear to get a nice clean star photo.  The real bummer was that once I had climbed up the mountain I hadn't considered that scrambling back down over boulders in the dark would not be the best idea. So, a quick trip up the mountain turned into an impromptu all nighter shooting start photos until dawn when I could safely descend.

I've probably spent over 10 nights shooting at Spitzkoppe and I still look forward to the next time I can get back.  The magic of Spitzkoppe is that you are truly isolated with just a small village (seen in distance of photo) to one side of the rock formations.  Also being hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest city and at over 1 mile elevation it is some of the best star gazing in the world.


Limited to 50
11x16.5 inch print on MOAB Juniper Baryta paper.  Paper size is 13x19 inch.  Margins are Top: 1in, Sides: 1in, Bottom: 1.5in

Each print is signed and numbered under the image using an Archival Quality Black Ink Pen that is waterproof and acid-free.  If you would like the images signed and numbered on the back of the image please leave a comment at checkout.